Odoo HR comes with bundle of apps like

  • Employees
  • Recruitment
  • Expenses
  • Appraisals
  • Fleet Management

The key features of Odoo Human Resource bundle:

  1. A Kanban view so you get an overview of all current processes at the glimpse of an eye.
  2. Customizable pipeline for each applicant following your specific criteria. Organize your job applications internally and define your process and interviews.
  3. Centralization of all information from hiring to end evaluation. Save each documents and find them in a few clicks when you need.
  4. Synchronization and merging of mailbox with the system. No need for third party software. Keep all mails, files, profiles in the same database.
  5. Fair tools to evaluate and appraise your employees.


Odoo Human Resources bundle, all-in-one solution for big or small companies.

Odoo HR software is designed to help you to manage your employees and future employees every day. The tools have been created to fit the needs of big corporations as for small businesses. 

Contrary to other ordinary human resources applications, Odoo provides informations from all other apps to evaluate and manage your employees. The fact that you use only one software make you stop wasting time on import/export between various tools. 

Odoo provides flexibility and control over the whole HR process from recruitment to final evaluation. Rather than expensive outsourcing, carry out affordable, fair and smart management of your staff within your own company.

Simplify your HR day-to-day management and keep the focus on your real business.