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Sri Lanka ranked among the Top 20

global outsourcing destinations for IT/BPO

Sri Lanka is accelerating in to an emerging destination of choice for the ITO and BPO market.Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo has been recognized as a global centre of excellence for Finance and Accounting, with Global Services Magazine ranking the city in the top 20 in the world.


Today, more than 300 IT and BPO companies have operations in Sri Lanka with more than 60,000 people earning more than US$400 million in exports.


Sri Lanka’s per capita income is at US $ 2399, the highest in South Asia. Earnings from exports of ITO/BPO sectors have steadily escalated over the last decade. Despite the global downturn, the Sri Lankan ITO/BPO market has grown by 23% and is primed to further surge following the end of the ethnic war and the rapid development taking place in the country. Sri Lanka hit a highest ever FDI of US$ 1.07bn by December 2011 and has a target to achieve a FDI of US$ 1.75bn by 2012. Sri Lankan GDP has grown 8.2% vs annual 4-6%.