Odoo ERP

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a suite of business management software tools including, for example, CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management. These modules aim to efficiently and seamlessly communicate with each other to exchange information. The source code for the framework and core ERP modules is curated by the Belgium-based Odoo S.A. 

Odoo involves more than 30 primary modules that are routinely refreshed. What's more, in excess of 16,000 outsider applications/modules are accessible in its application store. Since it's a particular framework, clients can begin with a subset of devices and add modules depending on the situation.

Odoo can also integrate with other systems. Such as Amazon, eBay, UPS, FedEx and QuickBooks. iOS and Android apps are also available for the paid version.

Product Name

Odoo ERP


Odoo S.A




Brussels, Belgium


7 million users

Deployment Model

Cloud, On-Premise, Odoo.sh

Implementation Service

Self, By Odoo or with local partner Nisus Solutions

Free Trial


Odoo Modules

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Website builder
  • Planning
  • Subscriptions
  • Consolidation
  • Timesheets
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management and warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Field service
  • Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Point of sale
  • Project management
  • Helpdesk
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Human resources, including apps for Recruitment and Employee Referral
  • eLearning

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Odoo ERP with apps fits

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Accounting firms
  • Marketing companies
  • Companies with field service operations
  • Service companies
  • Retailers, including online eCommerce
  • Consultants
  • IT companies
  • Any small businesses and mid-sized companies

Advantages of Odoo

  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensive selection of Odoo apps
  • Affordable pricing
  • Integrates with many third-party add-on software apps
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Security
  • Cloud based

Final Veridct

Discussing the last decision, Odoo is an arising ERP that coordinates numerous modules to better the organizations. It's been just 15 years, and Odoo is standing apart tall for SMEs' advancement, and it is doing it with next to no miss. Always select a trusted Odoo certified partner for your implementation!

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.