Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

Cloud ERP refers to Enterprise Resource planning system which hosted on vendor's cloud platform allowing the organizations to access software over the internet.

Benefits of Cloud ERP

Upfront infrastructure and operating costs

Overall reduced costs, from purchasing servers, database creation, Initial implementation and additional costs such as IT staffing, Security and backup and maintenance.

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Security, compliance and disaster recovery

With enterprise-grade security and end-to-end encryption of data between the Service provider and the organization, cloud-based ERP provides better security and compliance most of the companies could afford.

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Storage resilience and access.

Cloud-based ERP ensures that the all the data is being saved in the service provider's cloud avoiding any hardware failures and saving time and time of transferring data to a new storage system.

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Implementation speed

An organization can normally get up and running more quickly on a cloud-based ERP system than on-premises by implementation within the projected time.

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Companies seeking to automate and streamline business processes are benefited with the facility of easy access of data which are stored in redundantly and geographically dispersed data centers through the internet.

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Companies whose goal is to thrive across the industry will be benefited by the convenience of expansion without having to add more servers for more users, locations or subsidiaries.

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Customizations and agility

New modules can be added to a cloud-based ERP system without downtime or additional hardware.

Agility enables an organization to remain proactive instead of reactive, adjusting more quickly to industry changes, consumer trends, unforeseen circumstances.

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Cloud ERP service providers typically manage all system upgrades and updates on an ongoing basis, ensuring that the customers are using the most up-to-date technologies.

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